Sanlam Portrait Competition 2015

Portrait Entry

I have entered the Sanlam Portrait Competition 2015 with this protrait of my 90 year old father and my cat Pablo sleeping peacefully on his lap. The focal area is my father's face and the cat is a secondary focal area. I chose this picture because on the other pictures that I had, the cat's face also showed prominantly and would have caused the two focal areas to compete with each other.The viewers eye is lead into the painting from the hand. There are various directional lines the eye can follow and always going back to my father's face. I also made use of complimentary colours, orange and blue as well as subdued red and green. Although my painting did not make the top 100, I am very proud of my work. If you want to commission a portrait of your father, mother, cat or dog or even your mother-in-law, just go to Contact us, and send me a request


Title: Contemplating Life

Oil on boxed canvas

Size: 550 x 750mm


To commission a painting go to Contact me

Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain
an artist once he grows up. Pablo Picasso

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